I am proud to have been born and bred in the City of Belfast.

I trained to be a teacher of Art and Design, married and settled down in the picturesque County of Suffolk.

Over the past ten years I have concentrated on developing my own style of Art Work. My main interest is in the shape, texture and in particular colours found in natural forms. I adore colour so I have injected bright, vibrant colour into my paintings! One thing I like to do is change the natural colours to other more unusual colours for example – pink and purple conkers and blue apple blossom.

I tend to stylise the forms and spend a lot of time in planning the composition of my art. The balance has to be just right! I make a point of experimenting with various media for effect. I thoroughly enjoy adding texture to my paintings sometimes using hand-made paper, fabric, heavy impasto gels or pastes etc. Part of the fun in doing this is that you can never really predict the outcome!

I feel that my paintings are bright, cheerful and contemporary. One of my objectives is to draw you, the viewer into my paintings and to enjoy the images and to bring a splash of colour into your life!