First Impressions of Bungay

St Marys Bungay
John Constable was, notably, a painter obsessed with light and in his case its effect on the landscape.
Having studied Photography as a student of the OCA I learnt about the intensity of light. Our eyes adapt and adjust easily to variations in light and little thought is given to what effects the light has on what we see. And yet you only need to stand in the middle of a park or meadow and look towards the sun, and then away from it to see the enormous impact that light has, and how it influences what we see.

It is with this in mind that I set out to produce my first collection of images since moving to Bungay. For me simplicity is always the best approach so I decided from the outset to stay within the town boundary for this exercise, as to do otherwise would have been to open up too many possibilities.

Whether the beauty beholden to Bungay residents is born from an inner feeling, a visual impression or the warmth radiating from a happy and friendly community, it is hard not to argue that what we see has an influence over how we feel.

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