I’m a Suffolk boy, born and bred, and feel lucky to have had parents who traveled extensively in the region, providing me in turn with a strong awareness of this beautiful county along with that of its immediate Norfolk neighbours.

Maria and I recently moved to Bungay – we love it, it fulfills our desires in a way that feels honest and traditional, whilst benefiting from the vibrancy and culture that so many people from very diverse backgrounds bring to the town, and the community as a whole.

I have always carried a camera with me, a fact that has helped me to develop an instinct for seeing and knowing a good composition, and for making the best of a given opportunity. I have undertaken photographic work for a National Property Agency, and more recently developed my understanding and skills when working with Artists. I photograph both flat art and three-dimensional subjects such as sculpture. With an understanding of what an artist needs, I can adapt to the artist's needs, however simplistic or elaborate, taking my portable studio to the artist rather than having to move valuable work to a studio.

The skill and understanding of the photographer, in producing an image of a work of art, can within definite limitation allude to the emotional, mental and spiritual attitude of the artist. A viewer, looking at such a photograph, should begin to experience a sympathetic connection with the nature and quality of the energy that went into the original work of art.

My objective is to see knowingly, develop cleanly and produce images that are honest to their origin and environment. We exist at a time where so much we see appears artificial and somewhat unnatural, and although I will tweak and adjust my images to achieve standard, my aim is simply to show some of the best features that both the artist and nature have to offer.

Like Art, Photography is rewarding at every level. Your comments, feedback and thoughts are always welcome so please do visit our blog page, or contact us directly. Please navigate to the Links page to find more details of my website: ArtSculpturePhotography.com Here you will also find details about our property photography service: HolidayHomePhotography.com.